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Oct 25, 2010

The One Ring

What to do when you're bored at work? Surfing the Internet? Reading the press? Listening to music? Finish that novel you never have time for? In my case, boredom causes small peaks of creativity that I try to use to try and create something interesting. This time, it all started with a small test to get a realistic explosion effect on Blender. A co-worker saw it and suggested that I could make the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.

Making a jewel is so typical when starting or making tests on 3D, but I thought that I was not so bad an idea anyway. Besides, it was the perfect excuse to test many things that I usually don't tweak when creating a 3D scene.

So, most of my week at work was invested into creating tis scene with my own personal vision of the Ring of Power. I was very happy with the resut, so I uploaded it to the forum to show it and listen to the comments and critics of its inhabitants.

Later, following the forum guys suggestions, I've made a new approach to the scene, improving it as much as possible to get the best result (according to my skills, obviously).

I'm happy of being able to do this scene after such a lengthy break with Blender. I think the final result is good, and it served me well to learn many details about texturing, HDRi, lighting, materials, nodes and composition. My creativity peak continues and I already started a new scene in which I expect to use all that new knowledge. Now I just need the time for it! :)


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