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Jun 8, 2010

VaulTales #1

With all the fuss about the new iPhone 4 presented yesterday -not as much as with the iPad, anyway-, I can't resist myself to think about how Apple and its oh-so-great CEO Steve Jobs are milking the cow again with a product that could have been this good a couple of years ago. Instead, everytime they add some small features, a new version is released.

But this time looks different, if we are to believe what Jobs told us all. The iPhone 4 is a much better version which includes a longer battery life, a front cam, a better rear cam, a LED flash, a higher resolution screen, a gyroscope that combines with the accelerometer for an awesome 6-axis sensor, and it's thinner than ever. None of these features are new at all, but Apple marketing department knows what they're doing; Google's Android powered cell phones are hitting hard in the market and Apple was simply falling back, but this new iPhone and the AppStore might get them back to the top.

Anyway, this topic is as good an excuse as any other to start my own web-comic (yay!), enjoy it.


  1. And don't forget de the new Retina display. Retina display’s pixel density is so high, that human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels and has better angle.

    Of course I'll get a new iPhone 4G as soon as possible.

  2. Yes, the display looks better than ever, but I still think the HTC Evo 4G has the upper hand on many other features, and Android Market looks pretty nice too. Apple has the experience tho, and apparently a better hardware now (I couldn't find any info on the processor's speed, probably underclocked to 600MHz for battery's sake), but with a small price decrease, the HTC (or it's next version) could be the phone of choice.

    Just my two cents :)