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Mar 5, 2010

Warcraft 3 Maps

For those like me who like videogames, and specifically for those who play Warcraft 3, y offer to you the maps that, some years ago now and under the pseudonym of Mara.Jade, I made for this RTS game, which has one of the best map and mod creation tools ever, WorldEdit, which allows for this strategy game to be transformed into almost anything you can imagine. Warcraft 3 is quite some years old, but it remains very active and many players play online everyday, mostly on the custom maps created with WorldEdit.

The maps I'm offering you are:

  • Fury of the Tribes TD Pro 3.1: One of the most extended genres on Warcraft 3 is TD, or Tower Defense, consisting on defending an arrival spot against several waves of enemies, building defensive towers of different characteristics. In this case, instead of making one arrival spot, I wanted to innovate and made a triangle layout with three arrival spots and 6 players, and instead of generic towers as in many other TD's, I wanted to give every tribe a different personality. In total, more than 100 towers, 30 levels, 3 difficulty mdes, and great variety of enemies with different immunities and special features that make you rethink your tactics over and over again.
  • Frozen Chess: A simple chess game, using Warcraft 3 default races. Made for 2 players, though it admits observers, and trying to emulate the classic BattleChess: every unit has its own combat animation. There are several time modes selectable.
  • Film Maker 2.0c: Film Maker is a map in which players can create a movie in real-time, controlling almost every possible aspect of the scenario: units, buildings, atrezzo, changing terrain, using musics, sounds, controlling cameras and their angle, zoom, orientation, creating ambience effects... even pre-record the dialogues to show it during the exhibition. Imagination is the limit. Very fun and recommended to play with friends.
  • Film Maker Platinum: Film Maker Platinum is a revision of versión 2.0c, created by player Trophy, who kindly offered himself to improve functionality and fix some bugs. This is the recommended version.
  • Alunde City Template: a big living city, thought to be the scenario of a RPG, but due to lack of time never was finished. This map is meant to be a resource for other map makers that can use it as a template or inspiration for their own maps.

All the download links can be found at the LEFT sidebar. I hope you enjoy them.


  1. I can't download why?

  2. Oh, the links were broken, sorry for that. They're all available again. Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy the maps!

  3. hey! i was wondering if you could let me make a improved version of flim maker platium and call it flim maker platium improved, it will have custom models and custom music, please give me permision!

  4. So where is the download link?

  5. Hello. I was wondering if you could allow me to make a new version of Film Maker Platinum. I'd use Film Maker Platinum as a template to the new map that will be called Film Maker Titanium and will credit you. Thank you in advance.