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Jan 22, 2010


Hi everyone! Trancemotion is a new trance set, full of classic tunes, that I've been long time wanting to make. Trance and progressive are two of my favourite electronic music styles, and this is my small tribute to them, and to the artists that gave us such amazing tunes!

The visuals in the preview video come from a plugin called Starlight Aurora made by Vovoid Software & Multimedia for Sonique, an old media player that sadly got discontinued, but it's still awesome. Get the latest version here.

You can DOWNLOAD the full session HERE (FileBox, requires free registration) or HERE (Megaupload) [84 MB]. 

Tracklist (including year of release):

01. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster [1998]
02. Coast 2 Coast - Be With Me [2002]
03. Offer Nissim feat. Maya - For Your Love [2007]
04. Cosmic Gate - Mental Atmosphere (Midnight Mix) [1999]
05. Push - Universal Nation [1998]
06. Shinobi - This Is The Real Thing [1997]
07. Niels Van Gogh vs. Eniac - Pulvertrum 2.0 (Eric Smax and Thomas Gold Remix) [2006]
08. ATB - 9pm (Till I Come) (Signum Remix) [1999]
09. SHOKK - Isn't It All A Little Strange (Krazy Nut Mix) [2001]
10. RMB feat. Talla 2XLC - Spring (Talla 2XLC Club Mix) [2003]
11. Miss Jane - It's A Fine Day (ATB Club Mix) [1998]
12. Madelyne - Beautiful Child (Hiver & Hammer Remix) [2002]
13. Trance All-Stars - The First Rebirth (Sunbeam Mix) [1999]

Total length: 1h 14m 31s

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed mixing it! Cheers!

(Starlight Aurora / VX 3D Lite (C) 2000,2001 Vovoid Software & Multimedia)

Jan 12, 2010


Hi everyone. It's been a long time since my last entry. The Christmas season it's been long and cold, but mostly it's been snowy. My Java course ended, I've been skiing on the Pyrenees, had my share of family meetings, made some presents, had a cold, and still job-less. There has been also a Siberian cold wave striking all over Europe, including Madrid. Two nights ago it snowed a lot, and yesterday roads were slippery, schools were closed (or open but not giving lessons), and kids were enjoying the day. I went out to the park and took some pictures early in the morning, since it's not very common to see snow in this city. Today, the streets and sidewalks are still covered in snow, though not as much as yesterday of course. 

While its cold outside, it's a good idea to stay at home, with warm clothes and doing things, so hopefully I can catch up on some stuff I already started but not yet finished. Stay tuned!