The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. -Isaac Asimov

Nov 15, 2010

Chronicles of Minecraft

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I'm addicted to Minecraft, an indie game still in development that is reaching an unexpected success, due to its great freedom and versatility, both in single player and multiplayer.

For me, the strong point of the game is that it encourages player's imagination and creativity, making every world into a unique experience.

As a result of this addiction, I've created a blog which tells, in a journal format, the adventures of my character in the Minecraft world. As an addition, I'm also recording some videos of the huge cave system I've been exploring for a week now, and seems to have no end.
If you wanna know what's this game about, I suggest you go and watch the videos or look for more infor on the Internet. Or even better, you can try
a free, limited version from your browser, and buy it for half the final price if you like it.
Enjoy it!

Nov 9, 2010

Housed vol. 2

Here we are again with another volume of Housed, a series of sets dedicated to the less commercial, more underground House on the scene. I've been several days harvesting some tunes to use them here, tho I had some of them literally months ago.

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 82 MB)


  • 01. Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay - Wongel (Simon Garcia Remix)
  • 02. Dennis Ferrer feat. Bola Belo - Dem People Go! (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
  • 03. Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker - Kinderteller
  • 04. Miss Divine & Jon Kong - No Grace
  • 05a. Javier Orduna & Mountage - Isla Decanta
  • 05b. Alex Dolby - City Shark
  • 06. Vito Cacciapaglia - Japan
  • 07. Barrytone - Snowsapiens
  • 08. Rasmus Juul - Aimable
  • 09. Sebastian Davidson - Word and Sounds (Raygun & Ivan I remix)
  • 10. BeatFlippers - Forward (Josh DaFunk & Ovidi Adlert Remix)
  • 11. David Keno - Regina (Roberto Rodriguez Balearic Dub Mix)
  • 12. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Snatches (Soul Minority Remix)
  • 13. Tuccillo - Samantha
  • 14. Blas Marin & Mijail Feat. Sergio Navarro - Solid
  • 15. Tom Demac - Rivalry with Irony 

Total length: 59m 49s

Video preview visuals are, again made with R4, but this time with a strong editing in Sony Vegas Pro.


Oct 25, 2010

The One Ring

What to do when you're bored at work? Surfing the Internet? Reading the press? Listening to music? Finish that novel you never have time for? In my case, boredom causes small peaks of creativity that I try to use to try and create something interesting. This time, it all started with a small test to get a realistic explosion effect on Blender. A co-worker saw it and suggested that I could make the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.

Making a jewel is so typical when starting or making tests on 3D, but I thought that I was not so bad an idea anyway. Besides, it was the perfect excuse to test many things that I usually don't tweak when creating a 3D scene.

So, most of my week at work was invested into creating tis scene with my own personal vision of the Ring of Power. I was very happy with the resut, so I uploaded it to the forum to show it and listen to the comments and critics of its inhabitants.

Later, following the forum guys suggestions, I've made a new approach to the scene, improving it as much as possible to get the best result (according to my skills, obviously).

I'm happy of being able to do this scene after such a lengthy break with Blender. I think the final result is good, and it served me well to learn many details about texturing, HDRi, lighting, materials, nodes and composition. My creativity peak continues and I already started a new scene in which I expect to use all that new knowledge. Now I just need the time for it! :)


Sep 28, 2010

Trancemotion 6

Whoa! So, here we are again! The summer passed by, the heat is now gone, and it was fun and full of good house music! Now we're diving into the routine again, at work or studying (or both!), but the music is still around! Since I started my new job more than a month ago I haven't found much time to make anything creative worth of being shared with you; but some days ago I started mixing some old trance tunes and all of a sudden I got a list of songs ready to be mixed! I then made only one change to the final track list and started recording; 72 minutes later, Trancemotion 6 was born!

The preview video gave me lot of troubles while rendering/encoding/compressing/uploading, so I'm afraid the image quality is not as good as I'd like. Anyway, the visuals were made, yep, you guessed it, with R4 and Sony Vegas Pro.

This time there are a lot of recent tunes as well as some decade-old classics, and it has sort of a progressive-hardtrance feeling all around. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 99 MB)

Tracklist (year of release):

  • 01. DJ Wout - A Brief Period of Rejoicing (1998)
  • 02. Tiësto - Lethal Industry (1999)
  • 03. Tomcraft - The Mission (1998)
  • 04. Marc et Claude - Loving You (Bodyshock Dream Dance Edit) (2001)
  • 05. Pendulum - Watercolor (Deadmau5 Remix) (2010)
  • 06. Simon Patterson - Taxi (Original Mix) (2010)
  • 07. DJ Feel & Aurosonic feat. Ale Haze - Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (2010)
  • 08. DJ Eco - People (Rafael Frost Remix) (2010)
  • 09. Jay Lumen - Body Language (2009)
  • 10. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (2005)
  • 11. Orjan Nilsen - La Guitarra (Original Mix) (2008)
  • 12. Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Outsiders (Jose Amnesia Remix) (2007)
  • 13. Armin Van Buuren vs Rank1 feat. Kush - This World is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix) (2007)
  • 14. Global Illumination - Tremble (Original Mix) (2007)
  • 15. M.I.K.E. - Turn Out The Lights (Hiver & Hammer Remix) (2003)
  • 16. Sunlounger - White Sand (DJ Shah's Original Mix) (2006)
Total length: 1h 12m 17s


Sep 9, 2010

All on white

If you haven't realized yet, either it's been a long time since you last visited this blog, or something's wrong with your eyes, but probably the re-design of the blog won't go unnoticed. We're going to white from black, a more slick and clean style, and more changes will come for sure.

But for now, this is it; the new header was made with Blender in a rush, there's no background image any more, and some text colors have changed. If you spot anything wrong with the new design or you're not comfy with it, just tell me and I'll try and imporve it if I can.


PS: Sorry about the lack of posts; going back to work has its pro's, but it also takes time away from things like this. But, my post-it-drawings collection is growing and I hope I'll be able to post some new designs that I think will turn into T-Shirts sooner than later.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter to read a lot of my own non-sense. :)

Jul 27, 2010

Summer House Lovin' 2010

Here we go, it's been quite some time since my last update, but I'm coming with a new set for all you people enjoying the summer anywhere and everywhere. 

I've been ages waiting for some excuse to mix the awesome "To Be In Love" by Masters at Work and the lovely voice of India, so I decided to dedicate this set to love, I hope everyone finds his/her special other. Summer is as good season as any other for that, if not better!! :)

The visuals for the preview video were made with R4 and Sony Vegas Pro as usual. Now whiter and brighter than ever!! I hope you like it.

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 113 MB)


  • 01. Rasmus Faber feat. Emily McEwan - Anyway
  • 02. Tapesh & Maximiljan - Play
  • 03. Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Director's Club Cut) 
  • 04. Physics feat. Bianca Hutchinson - Hold On (Scopes Luxurious Dub Mix)
  • 05. Florian Kruse and Nils Nurnberg - Lovers 'n Fighters
  • 06. Masters at Work feat. India - To be in Love (MAW Mix)
  • 07. Justin Michael & Phonic Funk feat. Maiya - My destination (M-Sol Mix)
  • 08. Souldynamic feat. Emory - On the other side (Souldynamic Deep Mix)
  • 09. Tone Control feat. Adeola Ranson - Take me away (José Carretas Vocal Mix)
  • 10. Jay Sinister Sealee & Louie Vega feat. Julie McKnight - Bittersweet Love Affair part 2
  • 11. Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle - Because Of Your Love (Groove Junkies Sexy Spoken Word Dub)
  • 12. Harley & Muscle feat. India - Then Came You (Main Vocal)
  • 13. Julien Jabre - Swimming Places (Sebastian Ingrosso Re-Edit)
  • 14. Atnarko feat. Nica Brooke - Solid Ground (Fred Everything's Lazy Dub)
  • 15. Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle - Star (Rasmus Faber Remix)
  • 16. Pete Heller - Big Love (Eric Morillo Mix)
  • 17. David Morales - Needin' You 2005 (Club Mix)  
  • 18. Jay-J feat. Michelle Shaprow - If I Wanted You (Harley & Muscle Khanzada Deep Remix) 
  • 19. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Physical

Total length: 1h 22m 17s


Jun 26, 2010

Summer Party Special 2010

Summer is here, as well as the beach, the sun, the clubs, the parties, the beer and the terraces... and a new set full of big hits. The preview video is made with R4+Sony Vegas Pro, and for the first time I started it at the middle of the set instead of the beginning.

This one is specially dedicated to all my friends, thank you for being there, I hope you enjoy this.

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 93 MB)


  • 01. Pharrell Williams & Uffie - Add Suv (Armand van Helden Vocal Mix)
  • 02. Lady Gaga - Alejandro (DJ Lobinha Club Mix)
  • 03. Sonique - World of Change (Lissat and Voltaxx Remix)
  • 04. Kelis feat. David Guetta - Acapella (David Guetta Extended Remix)
  • 05. Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez - Mueve su pelo (Nick Corline Remix)
  • 06. Sonny Fodera - Penguins
  • 07. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Molella Remix)
  • 08. DJ Assad feat. Vincent Brasse - For your eyes (Extended Mix)
  • 09. Kelly Rowland feat. David Guetta - Commander (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix)
  • 10. Usher feat. Will.I.Am - OMG (Riva Starr Remix)
  • 11. Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg - California Gurls (Liam Keegan Electro Remix)
  • 12. Rihanna - Rude Boy (Sam99889s Club Mix)
  • 13. Junior Caldera feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling (Junior Caldera Remix)
  • 14. DJ Tiesto vs Diplo - C'Mon
  • 15. Tomcraft & Jerome Isma-Ae - Trouble in Redlight District
  • 16. Remady P&R - No Superstar (DJ Tynho Electro Beating Remix)

Total length: 1h 7m 35s


Jun 23, 2010

Jun 17, 2010

Trancemotion 5

Hi again. I'm back to bring you the next Trancemotion, for a total of five. It was completed a while ago but I didn't want to post them so close so you don't saturate, hehe. This time it's a more progressive session and it's loaded with late 20th century classics, including a couple of Fiocco tunes I was willing to mix. And yes, I've used the DJ Commie remix of Out of the Bluecouldn't resist myself, it fitted perfectly! xD

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 105 MB)

Tracklist (year of release):

  • 01. Framic meets Dopey Clay - Passions of Harmony (1999)
  • 02. Ballroom - 4 am. (1999)
  • 03. Dee Dee - Forever (Perfect Sphere Remix) (2001)
  • 04. Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air for Life (2005)
  • 05. System F - Out Of The Blue (DJ Commie Remix) (1999)
  • 06. Fiocco - The Spirit (Second Version) (1997)
  • 07. Area - Action (Dragon Progressive) (1999)
  • 08. Final Fantasy - The Sequence of Love (Classic Mix) (1997)
  • 09. DJ Tandu presents Ayla - Singularity (Brainchild II) (Pulsedriver Remix) (2000)
  • 10. Paul van Dyk - Vega (Starecase Remix) (2001)
  • 11. KayCee - Millennium Stringz (Club Mix) (1999)
  • 12. Mike Koglin - The Silence (Neptune Project 2009 Remix) (2009)
  • 13. DJ Edgar vs. Solar System - Elements (2001)
  • 14. Kosmonova vs. Fiocco - Celebrate (Extended Mix) (1998)
  • 15. Universal State of Mind - All Because of You (Mindsweeper Mix) (1996)

Total length: 1h 16m 27s


Jun 14, 2010


Finally, and after carefully reading the Privacy Policy, I've registered an account on Twitter. Not sure yet what for, but surely I'll give it good use, hehe.

For those of you who use Twitter and would like to follow me, you can do it from here. I've also added a live-feed on the left sidebar, and just in case anyone gets lost, a little icon up there. I'll make sure to update my tweets whenever I post new stuff so you don't miss it.


Jun 11, 2010

Housed vol. 1

After making the Summer ClubMix, a lot of tunes fell behind, most of them House style, some of them too dark for your typical, more commercial summer session. But I wanted to make something along these lines, and I'm very satisfied with the result. I'm so satisfied, that I think I'm making more of these ;)

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 79 MB)


  • 01. Gramphonedzie - Why don't you (Original Edit)
  • 02. James Flavour feat. Sasse - Who's in the house
  • 03. Simon Baker - The Trick (Glimpse Remix)
  • 04. Inxec & Matt Tolfrey - Hollywood
  • 05. Uffie feat. Pharrell Williams - Add Suv (Martin Aurelius Remix)
  • 06. Agent Matteo - Dark Groove
  • 07. Peter Horrevorts - Escapade
  • 08. Mathias Mesteño - Inbetween
  • 09. Daniel Kampf - Honolulu
  • 10. King Unique - Feniksas (Fergie Remix)
  • 11. Alex Barroso & G-Martin Feat. Tanit Wilson - Breathe again
  • 12. Dogman - The Void
  • 13. Karol XVII & MB Valence - D.O.U.H.M.
  • 14. Dirty Culture - House Is My Religion
  • 15. Affkt & Felipe Venegas - Meilan

Total length: 57m 13s


PS: BTW, new header design, last one was boring already ;)

Jun 8, 2010

VaulTales #1

With all the fuss about the new iPhone 4 presented yesterday -not as much as with the iPad, anyway-, I can't resist myself to think about how Apple and its oh-so-great CEO Steve Jobs are milking the cow again with a product that could have been this good a couple of years ago. Instead, everytime they add some small features, a new version is released.

But this time looks different, if we are to believe what Jobs told us all. The iPhone 4 is a much better version which includes a longer battery life, a front cam, a better rear cam, a LED flash, a higher resolution screen, a gyroscope that combines with the accelerometer for an awesome 6-axis sensor, and it's thinner than ever. None of these features are new at all, but Apple marketing department knows what they're doing; Google's Android powered cell phones are hitting hard in the market and Apple was simply falling back, but this new iPhone and the AppStore might get them back to the top.

Anyway, this topic is as good an excuse as any other to start my own web-comic (yay!), enjoy it.

Jun 1, 2010

Trancemotion 4

Here it is, the new Trancemotion, just in time to welcome June, and full of good trance as usual. Lots of classic tunes that hopefully will cheer you up. The preview video has been made with the visualization software R4 again. 

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 108 MB)


01. Chicane feat. Marie Brennan - Saltwater (1999)
02. Castor and Pollux - Serenity (2003)
03. Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper - So Much More (Michael Badal Remix) (2008)
04. Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (1999)
05. ATB - Don't Stop (X-Cabs Remix) (1999)
06. System F - Out Of The Blue (DJ Commie Remix) (1999)
07. Dense Matter - Mooks (2000)
08. Efdemin - Lohn and Brot (2006)
09. Paragliders - Paraglide (1993)
10. Ame - Rej (2005)
11. Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace (1990)
12. BT & Paul Van Dyk - Namistai (1999)
13. DJ Tiësto - Suburban Train (2001)
14. Mike Koglin feat. Beatrice - On My Way (Mike Koglin's Rebirth Mix) (1999)
15. Ayla - Into The Light (1999)
16. Aqualab - Journey Into Trance (1999)

Total length: 1h 18m 44s

May 20, 2010

Summer ClubMix 2010

A new session for the incoming summer. This one was a surprise to me, 'cause I was just listening to some new tunes and started mixing them, and the full set just came alive, almost on its own.

Most of the songs are from 2010, some of them very new, and you'll be proabably listening to them on the clubs this summer, so I hope you enjoy it. It's a refreshing change from all that trance I've been delivering lately, but sooner than you think I'll be back with more Trancemotion sets.

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 98 MB)


01. Dario Nuñez & R. Mendoza feat. Nuria Swan & Patrizze - Papaya Dulce (2010)
02. Blas Marin & Mijail - Kharma (2010)
03. Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Mix) (2010)
04. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet (Freemasons Club Remix) (2010)
05. Zoe Badwi - Release Me (Niels Van Gogh Remix) (2010)
06. Joris Voorn - The Secret (2010)
07. Vicente Ferrer feat. Starhoney- Close To Me (Toni Rico Bobkomyns Coco DJ Mix) (2009)
08. Vicente Ferrer feat. Patrizze - Life Is Sound (T.Tommy Remix) (2010)
09. Junior Caldera feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling (Avicii Universe Mix) (2010)
10. Tomcraft - Loneliness 2010 (Niels Van Gogh Remix) (2010)
11. Stephan M & Laurent Simeca - Roxanne (Niklas Gustavsson Remix) (2010)
12. Blas Marin & Mijail - Heart Stood Still (2009)
13. Blas Marin & Mijail - Club Culture (2010)
14. Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) (Club Mix) (2009)
15. Ian Carey feat. Michelle Shellers - Keep on rising (Vocal Mix) (2008)
16. Mathias Mesteño - Bettina (2009)
17. Kerli - Walking On Air (Armin Van Buuren Dub Mix) (2008)

Total length: 1h 12m 13s


Apr 10, 2010

Trancemotion 3

I bet you didn't expect a new session so soon, but I just couldn't resist, and having spare time is all I needed to record it. The mix was actually finished and uploaded a few days ago, but I've been really busy since then and couldn't post this before. Trancemotion 3 delivers a much purer, darker and more trancey experience, with lot of classic anthems that will probably bring back memories to you, if you are a trance-addict like me. Also it contains some recent tunes, since one of the targets of my Tracemotion series is to mix the old with the new, trying to find the nexus between much different sounds. Actually that's a bit tricky here, 'cause I'm using not-so-old remixes of those old tunes, but, what the hell! I really enjoyed mixing this -I must admit it's my favourite so far.

Once again, I made the visuals for the preview video with R4. This time I programmed my own scene from scratch, and editing was made with Sony Vegas Pro.

You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 108 MB)

Happy listening!

Tracklist (including year of release):

01. Zyon - No fate (1996)
02. Trancesetters - The Search (Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment remix) (2009) (Original release: 1995)
03. DJ Sammy feat. Loona - Rise Again (Mark Norman remix) (2004)
04. Lsg - Netherworld (Oliver Prime remix) (2005) (Original release: 1997)
05. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea 2001 (Satoshi Tomiie remix) (2001) (Original release: 1991)
06. Mike Koglin vs P.O.S. - Autumn (2009)
07. Sasha - Xpander (Edit) (1999)
08. Hidden Logic pres. Luminary - Wasting (Andy Moor remix) (2005)
09. Inna - Hot (Dj Grin Dee Club mix) (2009)
10. Storm - Time To Burn (2000)
11. Astral Projection - Mahadeva (John 00 Flaming remix) (2004) (Original release: 1995)
12. Bedrock - Heaven Scent (1999)
13. Johnny Shaker feat. Serial Diva - Pearl River (Vocal mix) (1999) (Original release: 1997)
14. James Holden - Horizons (2000)
15. Lee Coombs - Light and Dark (2009)

Total length: 1h 19m 21s

Mar 18, 2010

Trancemotion 2

Here it is, a new chapter of what I expect to be a long list of sessions featuring all these tunes I like so much that I've listened to so many times during many years. A journey through the history of Trance and Progressive that I hope you enjoy.
Remember that the video is just a preview of the set. Visuals were made with a software called R4, specifically with a Particle Lights scene version modified by me.
You can DOWNLOAD the full set HERE (Megaupload, 103MB)
Tracklist (including year of release):

01. Arnej - Dust in the Wind (2009)
02. Push - The Legacy (2001)
03. Energy 52 - Café del Mar (Three'n One Remix) (1997)
04. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Hitch Hiker & Jacques Dumondt Remix) (1999)
05. Delerium - Silence (Above and Beyond's 21st Century remix) (2005)
06. Push - Strange World (Airwave Remix) (2001)
07. Art of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1999)
08. ATB - 9pm (Till I Come) (Sequential One 1999 Mix) (1999)
09. RMB - Deep Down Below (Airscape Remix) (2001)
10. Jay Lumen - Calypso (2008)
11. Three Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (1999)
12. Binary Finary - 1998 (Ronski Speed Remix) (2004)
13. Tilt - Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) (1999)
 Total length: 1h 15m 29s
I hope you like it; I'm open to suggestions for the next one! ;)

Mar 5, 2010

Warcraft 3 Maps

For those like me who like videogames, and specifically for those who play Warcraft 3, y offer to you the maps that, some years ago now and under the pseudonym of Mara.Jade, I made for this RTS game, which has one of the best map and mod creation tools ever, WorldEdit, which allows for this strategy game to be transformed into almost anything you can imagine. Warcraft 3 is quite some years old, but it remains very active and many players play online everyday, mostly on the custom maps created with WorldEdit.

The maps I'm offering you are:

  • Fury of the Tribes TD Pro 3.1: One of the most extended genres on Warcraft 3 is TD, or Tower Defense, consisting on defending an arrival spot against several waves of enemies, building defensive towers of different characteristics. In this case, instead of making one arrival spot, I wanted to innovate and made a triangle layout with three arrival spots and 6 players, and instead of generic towers as in many other TD's, I wanted to give every tribe a different personality. In total, more than 100 towers, 30 levels, 3 difficulty mdes, and great variety of enemies with different immunities and special features that make you rethink your tactics over and over again.
  • Frozen Chess: A simple chess game, using Warcraft 3 default races. Made for 2 players, though it admits observers, and trying to emulate the classic BattleChess: every unit has its own combat animation. There are several time modes selectable.
  • Film Maker 2.0c: Film Maker is a map in which players can create a movie in real-time, controlling almost every possible aspect of the scenario: units, buildings, atrezzo, changing terrain, using musics, sounds, controlling cameras and their angle, zoom, orientation, creating ambience effects... even pre-record the dialogues to show it during the exhibition. Imagination is the limit. Very fun and recommended to play with friends.
  • Film Maker Platinum: Film Maker Platinum is a revision of versión 2.0c, created by player Trophy, who kindly offered himself to improve functionality and fix some bugs. This is the recommended version.
  • Alunde City Template: a big living city, thought to be the scenario of a RPG, but due to lack of time never was finished. This map is meant to be a resource for other map makers that can use it as a template or inspiration for their own maps.

All the download links can be found at the LEFT sidebar. I hope you enjoy them.

Feb 27, 2010


This is a small project I've been doing the past few weeks. Maybe some of you know an old computer game called Raptor: Call of the Shadows, a typical vertical-scroll shoot'em up in which you pilot a fighter plane, destroying anything that moves -and even anything that doesn't. This is truly a classic and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good old game.

 So, one day while playing this game, I thought it could be nice to try and model the main room of the game on 3D. Just made a screenshot and started doing it. Not trying to mimic it, but definitely using ti as an inspiration. But the thing felt so empty, I added some more stuff like the helmet. As it turned out, I spent more time making the helmet than everything else; I just got suck into it. It's been really fun to make, and I'm happy with the result considering I didn't use any reference pictures and I'm no expert on fighter pilots helmets, so I also rendered a close view of it.

The next step was making a plane, and I started it, but I think I'm not ready for that yet. Let's say this project is not yet finished, but honestly, anything feels like it could be improved and you just have to stop somewhere!

Oh, I almost forgot: it's modeled, of course, on Blender, and rendered with Indigo (about 8 hours per picture). 

I hope you like it.

Feb 16, 2010



Sometimes inspiration comes at unexpected moments, in unexpected places. In my case, it's not unusual to find me drawing something on a sheet of paper to fight boredom during a class or a seminar.

Today it was something else.

Our Java teacher was two hours late due to transportation problems caused by snowy weather, and after a short while checking out the usual things on the Internet, I said to myself "this could be a good moment to build up those poor 3D skills of you". I downloaded and installed Blender, and started modeling a finger. "Just focus on the material, human skin is always a tough one"; "That material looks nice, but it needs some texturing";"It looks so empty, add a ring"... Two hours later (after the teacher finally arrived), four fingers and one ring were rendering on my screen. I was actually surprised myself, because I never thought I would be able to make something like that in such a short time. When I got back home, I added the cloth, and some filters to enhance the final picture.

It's far from perfect and lacks detail, mostly on the modeling, but I'm proud of it and wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it.


Jan 22, 2010


Hi everyone! Trancemotion is a new trance set, full of classic tunes, that I've been long time wanting to make. Trance and progressive are two of my favourite electronic music styles, and this is my small tribute to them, and to the artists that gave us such amazing tunes!

The visuals in the preview video come from a plugin called Starlight Aurora made by Vovoid Software & Multimedia for Sonique, an old media player that sadly got discontinued, but it's still awesome. Get the latest version here.

You can DOWNLOAD the full session HERE (FileBox, requires free registration) or HERE (Megaupload) [84 MB]. 

Tracklist (including year of release):

01. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster [1998]
02. Coast 2 Coast - Be With Me [2002]
03. Offer Nissim feat. Maya - For Your Love [2007]
04. Cosmic Gate - Mental Atmosphere (Midnight Mix) [1999]
05. Push - Universal Nation [1998]
06. Shinobi - This Is The Real Thing [1997]
07. Niels Van Gogh vs. Eniac - Pulvertrum 2.0 (Eric Smax and Thomas Gold Remix) [2006]
08. ATB - 9pm (Till I Come) (Signum Remix) [1999]
09. SHOKK - Isn't It All A Little Strange (Krazy Nut Mix) [2001]
10. RMB feat. Talla 2XLC - Spring (Talla 2XLC Club Mix) [2003]
11. Miss Jane - It's A Fine Day (ATB Club Mix) [1998]
12. Madelyne - Beautiful Child (Hiver & Hammer Remix) [2002]
13. Trance All-Stars - The First Rebirth (Sunbeam Mix) [1999]

Total length: 1h 14m 31s

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed mixing it! Cheers!

(Starlight Aurora / VX 3D Lite (C) 2000,2001 Vovoid Software & Multimedia)

Jan 12, 2010


Hi everyone. It's been a long time since my last entry. The Christmas season it's been long and cold, but mostly it's been snowy. My Java course ended, I've been skiing on the Pyrenees, had my share of family meetings, made some presents, had a cold, and still job-less. There has been also a Siberian cold wave striking all over Europe, including Madrid. Two nights ago it snowed a lot, and yesterday roads were slippery, schools were closed (or open but not giving lessons), and kids were enjoying the day. I went out to the park and took some pictures early in the morning, since it's not very common to see snow in this city. Today, the streets and sidewalks are still covered in snow, though not as much as yesterday of course. 

While its cold outside, it's a good idea to stay at home, with warm clothes and doing things, so hopefully I can catch up on some stuff I already started but not yet finished. Stay tuned!