The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. -Isaac Asimov

Oct 4, 2009


 Hi everyone. As you probably noticed -or not- I've been quite a long while without posting anything. Although I changed some things on the blog, there hasn't be any new posts. The main reason for this is that I've started a new course of Java programming, and I'm dedicating not only the course time but also most of my spare time to it, and consequently my hobby projects are stopped or slowly advancing -or should I say crawling.

But this week has been really boring on the course. And there's nothing like being bored, having a  pen, and a paper. You just make some stupid lines to waste some time while the rest of the class finishes the practice, and then your hand flows like it's alive -well, it IS alive, isn't it?- and a picture starts to pop out of all those lines, hidden amongst bunches of hand-written block diagrams and code blocks. I used to make a lot of this kind of drawings, mostly on Post-Its and on blank spaces of unusable sheets of paper. I liked this one so much that I scanned it as soon as I arrived home. Then modified it, just 'cause I felt like doing it, until I was happy with it. And then experimented with it some more and got this 'weird green thing wallpaper that I'm not using but maybe someone will'.

I'm also making a new music session, almost done but some of the tracks don't fit so well and I'm having some troubles finding a good balance between melodic an rythmic songs, to avoid redundancy. Hopefully I'll be updating again this next week with the finished session. Keep your fingers crossed.


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