The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. -Isaac Asimov

Oct 27, 2009


Hi everyone.

October is almost gone, and I can't see autumn anywhere near my house. People even went to the beach today in Alicante, to have a nice, sunny day.  Winter-cold is what we need. If it doesn't start to snow soon this ski season will be a no-no! xD

Until that happens, I'm changing some things down here on Earth to celebrate autumn. My room basically. It was all messed up, but after two days of careful planning and execution, I must say that it feels much better now. Though I lost a couple of things in the process, probably on their way to the dumping site. Nothing important.

The good news is I also found things that were either lost or simply forgotten, like these 6 random pictures I made who knows when, all on the same sheet of paper. Actually I think I'm gonna use some of these for a wallpaper or something.

In the meantime, my latest music set is done, and awaiting for the new animation I'm making for the preview. I wanted to make it simple, but it's getting more and more complex every minute. We will see...

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