The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. -Isaac Asimov

Oct 31, 2009


Many people seem to think that Halloween is some typical American celebration that has become popular all around the world thanks to their movies and the large cultural influence of US. all around the world. Me and my friends have always known/believed that it was actually originated in Ireland, and almost every year we celebrate it going to some Irish pub (yeah, we also like beer, so...). But I never delved into this topic further. Until now.

The word 'Halloween' comes actually from 'All Hallow's Eve', and it was largely established as a celebration all around the US. by Irish immigrants on mid 1800's. But the roots of this celebration go even further, to medieval ages and beyond, when Gaelic cultures celebrated the 'Samhain', the end of the summer and the harvest season, and the beginning of the new Celtic year. The word 'Samhain' comes from the ancient Irish "Samain", which is the equivalent of the month November on the Celtic calendar. The celebration lasted 3 nights and it was believed that during that time, the line separating the worlds of the living and the dead was shorter than ever, and so the spirits could walk freely. The people left food outside to keep the evil spirits away from their houses, and instead of pumpkins like we use today, they used turnips to place candles inside.

All of this could have roots even further in time, Gaelic cultures have been around for a really long time, and I guess mankind has always celebrated the end of the harvest season one way or the other.  But it shocks me how much things are pretty much the same as time passes by, and how different they are at the same time.

This week I made this quick drawing of a 3-fingered hand using a blue pen on white paper. I thought it could make a nice Halloween picture and I gave it some color using Paint Shop Pro Photo. I hope you like it.

Have a scary/funny Samhain!

Oct 27, 2009


Hi everyone.

October is almost gone, and I can't see autumn anywhere near my house. People even went to the beach today in Alicante, to have a nice, sunny day.  Winter-cold is what we need. If it doesn't start to snow soon this ski season will be a no-no! xD

Until that happens, I'm changing some things down here on Earth to celebrate autumn. My room basically. It was all messed up, but after two days of careful planning and execution, I must say that it feels much better now. Though I lost a couple of things in the process, probably on their way to the dumping site. Nothing important.

The good news is I also found things that were either lost or simply forgotten, like these 6 random pictures I made who knows when, all on the same sheet of paper. Actually I think I'm gonna use some of these for a wallpaper or something.

In the meantime, my latest music set is done, and awaiting for the new animation I'm making for the preview. I wanted to make it simple, but it's getting more and more complex every minute. We will see...

Oct 10, 2009


This has been a very productive pen-and-paper week for me. My Java classes are progressing as expected -that is, slowly- and when we are not writing some code, I'm wasting some more blue ink. In fact, I've already used up a pen this week, and the second one is close to end.

This drawing is called "Notes unleashed", I think it's pretty obvious why. I've had some fun with it and made a nice wallpaper that, maybe this time, I'm gonna use for real. Maybe you will too. Choose your size:

1024 x 768 (4:3)
1400 x 1050 (4:3)
1440 x 900 (16:10)
1680 x 1050 (16:10)
1920 x 1200 (16:10)

Have fun!

Oct 4, 2009


 Hi everyone. As you probably noticed -or not- I've been quite a long while without posting anything. Although I changed some things on the blog, there hasn't be any new posts. The main reason for this is that I've started a new course of Java programming, and I'm dedicating not only the course time but also most of my spare time to it, and consequently my hobby projects are stopped or slowly advancing -or should I say crawling.

But this week has been really boring on the course. And there's nothing like being bored, having a  pen, and a paper. You just make some stupid lines to waste some time while the rest of the class finishes the practice, and then your hand flows like it's alive -well, it IS alive, isn't it?- and a picture starts to pop out of all those lines, hidden amongst bunches of hand-written block diagrams and code blocks. I used to make a lot of this kind of drawings, mostly on Post-Its and on blank spaces of unusable sheets of paper. I liked this one so much that I scanned it as soon as I arrived home. Then modified it, just 'cause I felt like doing it, until I was happy with it. And then experimented with it some more and got this 'weird green thing wallpaper that I'm not using but maybe someone will'.

I'm also making a new music session, almost done but some of the tracks don't fit so well and I'm having some troubles finding a good balance between melodic an rythmic songs, to avoid redundancy. Hopefully I'll be updating again this next week with the finished session. Keep your fingers crossed.