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Aug 21, 2009

Back from black

After a very, very long day without power at home up until midnight, I'm back to duty -actually, back to hobby- updating the "Dark Office" project. It's been slow lately but I'm learning about rigging and animation, and it's harder than I thought, and I admit I'm just a little bit lazy. The room has received new equipment, some of it arrived today. Now it doesn't look so empty, but I still miss something and I don't know what it is (no, not a computer). Anyway, most of my focus is now on the main character, who I am proud (kinda) to present in this little tiny video I just made (Edit: I'm not happy with tinypic videos, so I'll just use YouTube):

I still haven't decided a name for the character, but I did decide that it's a "he". Any ideas? Actually, this little animation is just a test; rigging so far seems to be working nice, but it still needs some tweaking, mostly on the legs. Next step is that and making a "walk cycle" animation. The shirt is also a work in progress, but actually is a bad first try and probably I'll make a new one from scratch. Maybe some pants too :P But that all goes to the end of the list.

I just hope the power doesn't cut out again anytime soon. I need my computer for a whole lot of things. And my fridge too. It's hotter than ever outside (Update: 41ºC at 18:00. No kidding). I'll go for a cold drink now.

See you!

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