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Jul 31, 2009

July is over, heat is not

So finally August is here. Ok, not exactly yet, but it's Friday and people will just leave to wherever they're going on vacation. That's one of the good things about August, the city is emptier than ever, though I'd still like it even emptier. Empty city means less noise, less polution, no queueing, more place to park, etc. There are also not-so-good things, like the super-hot weather that will probably last until mid-september (Southern hemisphere ski down some cold, snowy mountain for me please! :D) and the oh-so-great habit of doing every major city work and repair on August, which partly thwarts the less-noise, more-parking-space side of things.  Unfortunately, the financial crisis is noticeable and it's no secret that people won't go on vacation as much as they'd want to. Me included. I might do some trip to who knows where, but having a job first is a must or I won't go too far. Walking is out of the picture, mmkey? Anyway, news say that today there will be more than 3 million car trips, which is not bad at all in a country of 46+ million inhabitants. Expect heavy traffic on the highways if you are in Spain this weekend, mostly to and on the coast zones. And by the way, sunsets are cool at the coast, but seriously, watch a sunrise, you won't regret it.

My picture here could be either; your choice. I drew it with Corel Painter IX and a Wacom Bamboo tablet, and adjusted tone, brightness and contrast with Paint Shop Pro Photo. Actually it was my first drawing with Corel Painter some time ago, I never intended to draw anything at all, I was just training with the Wacom, but inspiration came and this was the result. 

Now I'm focused on other things anyway, the new session is more or less planned, and the 3D animation is on the oven, right now taking a lot to render every frame, but things will go faster as soon as I finish the session 'cause the animation will follow the music. Or at least that's the idea. It's gonna be a while till it's done I'm afraid...

Happy August y'all. Just don't melt.

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