The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. -Isaac Asimov

Jun 22, 2009


Today maybe you heard about these news. I was having dinner with my mother and watched it on the TV News, and inmediately we had a debate about it. My mother, understandably, says that the burqa should be banished as it represents the oppression on islamic women, and that it cannot be accepted in a democratic country. I, on the other side, think that besides the meaning a piece of cloth could have, it's just a piece of cloth, and it may be an instrument used for oppression, but it's as guilty as a knife for stabbing someone. The clothes are not the problem, and all that oppression and abuse is already regulated, by French laws in this case, and banning some clothes is a solution to nothing. And, seriously, it would be ridiculous and way beyond the logic (my logic at least) for a democracy to ban a specific piece of cloth. What if radical islamists forced women to wear sunglasses? Should we ban sunglasses then for what it means?

 Anyway, my mother pointed out something that surprised me: if you happen to talk to a person wearing a burqa, you can't see her face... how can you know who are you talking to? Well, don't we use phones to talk to people without ever seeing them? What's the problem then? Obviously the problem is our perception of things, we feel comfortable talking to a machine that transmits our voice across the world to other person, because we're used to it; but talking to a real person with the face covered... it's another thing.

Mathematician Douglas Hofstadter said: The main question about AI (Artificial Inteligence) for me is: what in the world will allow us to turn 100 thousand retinal points into a single word, "mom", in just a tenth of a second?

It's really important for humans to see people's faces, being able to recognize them. That's one of the main problems for robotics these days, making artificial faces that seem natural, otherwise people feels uncomfortable with them. It's one of my problems too, in my never-ending learning process with Blender. First attempts were simply awful, but I think I'm doing better as of late, and finally getting some good face/head structures. Texture is another thing, tho...

Jun 15, 2009


Lately I dream a lot. I can't remember the dreams, but I know that I did. It's kinda weird. My REM phase must be a complete chaos.

This drawing is, like some dreams, recurring in me; a girl sitting on a bench with a skirt. I've made endless variations of that, but this one was different cause I added a new actor: a little bird passing by right below the girl. Originally it was drawn with pencil, but I photoshopped it -not with Photoshop- to give it this old engraving touch or whatever.

Jun 4, 2009

It's HOT!

Summer is right here.

Last night was so hot that I couldn't get some sleep until long past 2am. So I was watching some videos on YouTube, and ended up watching Daft Punk's "Fresh" , one of my favourites from the French duo. And I thought "that's a nice sunset at the beach". And then I made this 3D picture using Blender. I borrowed a sky texture, modified it a little and made everything else from scratch. Let's be honest, the beach part sucks, but I think this is the best looking water I've made so far. I made it all pretty fast, so I guess the result is not that bad after all! Hope you like it! :)