The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. -Isaac Asimov

May 10, 2009

The beginning

I guess more or less everyone has been drawing since childhood, that's what kids do after all. They just draw with their imagination. They don't care about technique, and couldn't care less if their drawings look real or not. They just draw, because it's FUN.

I remember being in the school, maybe at twelve y.o., we made a trip to some museum of History; everyone around was bored (ok, not everyone, but most of them) just looking at the stuff and hearing at the monotone voice of the guide. Good thing I got my notebook on me, I just couldn't stop drawing with my pencil anything cool enough to get my attention. I specially remember this aztec calendar (or whatever), it seemed huge to me, and I made this fast sketch of it (i had to drawn pretty fast, since the group had to keep moving, of course!).

I wish I had some of my baby-drawings... could I watch those paintings and understand my baby-me? 

Draw, guys. You'll be happier. :)


  1. Ummm este no le habia visto aun, muy logradas las sombras y profundidades ;).

    Elek llego al mundo de los blogs...y no podia ser de otra manera que escribiendo en ingles a pesar de ser de Madriz xDDD, pero me vendra bien para refrescar my english very chungo jajajaja.

  2. Gracias Ali! A ver si practicamos ese inglés que tampoco es muy chungo el tuyo eeeeh, jeje. A ver si no me canso del blog demasiado pronto. =P